piling and concrete foundations in Bolton

Piling Foundation for New Build Home, Bolton

4th September 2017

Piling and Concrete Foundations In Bolton For New Build Home

  • Specialist piling and concrete foundations in Bolton for a new build timber framed home
  • Completed in 3 working weeks
  • Fully insured experience workforce

A local builder contacted us regarding some piling and concrete foundation works for his new build home in Bolton. He was informed by the local building inspector that the ground he was looking to build his new home on was not suitable to support it. He contacted us and we were able to visit site and discuss the necessary works required to help with his new build home. We agreed that a piling foundation would best suit this project. We agreed a price/payment terms with the client.

Our structural engineer provided a design for the works. First of all, we began by excavating for the foundation trenches. We then installed steel cased top driven piles and our beam foundation to our structural engineers design. Following this, we contacted the local building inspector who compared our work to the design from the structural engineers calculations and passed the works. Finally, once we had the inspector’s approval, we began concreting the new foundations that same afternoon. Once the concrete was set, our client was able to start building his new home, which once built will have some pretty impressive views!

In conclusion, it took a total of 3 working weeks to complete piling foundations in Bolton. This included all of the excavation, piling and concreting works.

The images below some the concreting stage and also the completed works (including the gorgeous view)

piling and concrete foundations in Bolton  piling and concrete foundations in Bolton

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