screw piling project images

Piling Project Images

16th March 2022

Piling project images from a job completed on the 3rd March 2022

screw piling by Basetec piling


  • Piling Foundations
  • Structural Engineers Calculations Included
  • Fully Insured, Qualified, Experienced Workforce


Piling is a cost-effective piling method as it reduces the need to excavate trenches. This also means that piling is a faster method and therefore is a popular piling method.

We first arranged a no-obligation site visit and survey with the client and from this, we were able to give same day quotes for the work. We both agreed that due to the budgets and ground conditions screw piling was the most effective method to use here. Once the quote had been made and the price was agreed upon we could then start work.

Our team of fully qualified and insured construction workers came in to the begin the piling process. We always install piles in line with our structural engineer’s plan to ensure that every pile is in its correct place for efficient and long-lasting foundations. Our rig piled approximately 20 screw piles to secure the ground. Once all the piles were in place we arranged a visit from the local building instructor, who gave us the thumbs up for our work!

We proved the client with our full structural engineer’s plans/ designs and piles depth for their records.

All in all, the client was happy with their foundations and work was able to continue on the build in just a few days. You can see more from this project below, and get in touch with our team HERE to chat about your piling needs.


screw piling by Basetec Piling screw piling by Basetec Piling

screw piling by Basetec Piling