Piled Foundations In hyde

Piled Foundation, Hyde Manchester

14th December 2016

Piled Foundations In Hyde, Manchester

  • Piled Foundation in Hyde
  • Structural Engineers Calculations Included
  • Completed in a total of 2 working weeks
  • Fully Insured, Qualified, Experienced Workforce

Our client contacted us regarding some foundation works for a new build development they were looking to build in Hyde, Manchester. First of all, we arranged to visit site to discuss the works with the client. We agreed that a piled foundation would best suit this project. A price was agreed and we was able to begin the works the following week.

We began by excavating the footings for the new foundations. In total there was four new build homes. We installed our piled foundation scheme, according to our structural engineers design. It included steel cased top driven piles and beams. Once completed, we contacted the local building inspector and arranged for him to visit site and assess the works. He was able to compare our works to the engineers design and as a result passed it. This allowed us to begin the concreting works the following day.

Overall, it took a total of two working weeks to complete the piled foundations in Hyde, including the excavation works, installing the piled foundation scheme and concreting. On completion, we provided our client with copies of the structural engineers calculations (design) and our piling log detailing the piles depths. We also provided our insurance information.

In conclusion, our clients were happy with the high standard and efficiency of our works and it did not cause too much of a delay to their development.

Below are some images showing the different stages of the works;

Piled Foundations In hyde Piled Foundations In hyde Piled Foundations In hyde Piled Foundations In hyde

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